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EPYC is a funny game that's a cross between Pictionary and Telephone. It leads to hilarious and distorted drawings and captions. But the best way to understand what it is is to look at some examples.

  1. Game 1 "When your face falls off, you don't dwell on burnt pizza." (Pat, Mike, Rylen; August 2004)
  2. Game 2 "The penguin dictator drank a bottle of Diet Poison in his secret lair." (Pat, Mike, Joe; August 2004)
  3. Game 3 "The walls in the mall are totally, totally tall." (Mike, Pat, Joe; September 2004)
  4. Game 4 ""There's something wrong with the shape of corn bread" the clariton taking asian dude realized." (Joe, Mike, Pat; December 2004)
  5. Game 5 "You should always watch out for walking pneumonia." (Pat, Tony, Justin; January 2006)
  6. Game 6 "Sometimes when I think about you I touch myself." (Pat, Luke, Joe; September 2008)
  7. Game 7 "Discovering that it was NOT Santa but a black samurai, little Timmy immediately lept into the bowels of Hell." (Joe, Luke, Pat; September 2008-July 2009)
  8. Game 8 "Clown prostitutes are not as profitable as you might think." (Pat, Luke, Joe, Elissa, Ed; August 2009)
  9. Game 9 "The Playstation 3 angrily stabbed the wifi router for cutting off its internet access." (Nick, Pat, Samantha; January 2013)
  10. Game 10 "Even though the man had elephantiasis of the testicles, he still wanted to ride the My Little Pony roller coaster." (Luke, Pat, Nicole, Joe, Elissa; September-October 2013)

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